What Is Vintage Wine?

What Is Vintage Wine?

What Is Vintage Wine?

If you are a newcomer just about to begin exploring the joys of wine drinking, you may possibly not be aware of what vintage wine is all about. Wine vintage refers to the year when the grapes have been harvested. Whenever you buy vintage wine, you need to check the year printed on the bottle front. It tells you the year when the grapes inside the bottle were plucked, ripened, and processed for wine drinkers like you. To get authentic vintage wine, you need to order wine online in Mumbai from a reputed wine dealer with lots of experience in making and supplying such vintage wines.

Which Wine is Better - Vintage or Non-vintage?

You may now ask if it really matters whether we buy vintage or non-vintage wine.

To answer that, let us first clarify what a non-vintage wine is. A non-vintage wine is made from grapes that come from multiple crops, implying that the grapes used to make the wine have not come from a single harvest.

Whether vintage or non-vintage should be your choice depends upon what you are looking for in the wine you buy. Vintage wine provides its drinkers with a unique experience, a taste and flavour that denotes it is from a specific region or a climate. And, this is something non-vintage wine cannot offer.

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Significance of Vintage

By understanding a wine’s vintage, you can determine these:

Wine Quality

Understanding Vintage lets you know about the quality of wine even before you taste it. It is so because a wine’s taste, flavour, texture, and aroma are the outcome of the weather conditions that prevail during its growing season. If the wine is balanced and aromatic, you know that it was a good crop year that resulted in the production of healthy and flavourful grapes.

Aroma and Taste

vIntage wines have a distinctness about them and display specific traits that other wines do not have. They display the connection between specific weather conditions and the flavours and aromas. By drinking vintage wine, you come to know which characteristics you prefer the most in a wine.

The Mix of Grapes

To be labelled as vintage, the wine must be sourced from at least 75% of the crops grown in the same year. However, many vintage blends are made from a mix of different grape varietals after ensuring that all of them were grown and harvested in the same year.

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Factors Contributing to Good Vintage

Knowing what goes into making a good vintage wine will help build your knowledge of wines and improve your selection.

These are the factors that influence the making of good vintage wine:

  • Growing season
    If the weather conditions are good, then the grapes produced would be healthy, abundant, and flavourful, leading to the making of excellent vintage wine.
  • Sunshine
    It is a very critical factor that decides if a harvest can lead to the making of single vintages. With the right amount of sunshine, grapes ripen slowly and develop a balance between sweetness, tannin, and acidity.
  • Temperature
    Most grape varietals need around 170 days of 50℉+ temperature to grow from a bud to fruit. Too much hot or cold weather conditions can make the grapes overly sugared or more acidic.

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