Ultimate Guide To Your Favorite Mixed Liquor : Vodka

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  • Ultimate Guide To Your Favorite Mixed Liquor : Vodka

Ultimate Guide To Your Favorite Mixed Liquor : Vodka

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  • Ultimate Guide To Your Favorite Mixed Liquor : Vodka

Ultimate Guide To Your Favorite Mixed Liquor : Vodka

Of all the hard liquors, Vodka is the universal favourite for people worldwide. What makes Vodka so special? The edge Vodka has over other liquors is its versatility or the ability to pair with all kinds of flavours. You may have tasted liquors that go well with a couple of flavours, but Vodka is unique because it mixes excellently with any other drink. If you are new to Vodka, then this detailed guide to Vodka is perfect for you. We will try to cover details about its history and introduce you to some of the popular Vodka brands across the globe.

Vodka is essentially a distilled liquor with no colour, distinct flavour or taste. Most of its flavours and taste are removed during its distillation process. It is also the only liquor to undergo multiple distillations.

When you make your Vodka buy online, be sure to get every possible detail about the Vodka you want, like its alcohol content or the flavour it contains. Also, compare the Vodka online price at different websites and check if any special offers are available.

A Peek into Vodka’s History

There is an ongoing debate about whether Vodka originated in Russia or Poland, but there is no concrete evidence regarding its origin. It will surprise you to know that the drink was first created from potatoes, especially in Russia and Poland. But, as the years went by, these nations discovered that grains are better for distilling liquor than potatoes, and they are much easier to harvest.

The Steps Involved in the Vodka Making Process

The Vodka making procedure comprises these four main steps though all producers follow their own unique processes.

These are the steps that make Vodka drinkable and ready for sale:

  • Fermentation :
    This is the most essential and significant step in making Vodka or, for that matter, any alcohol. It involves adding yeast to the mash, which leads to alcohol formation.
  • Distillation :
    After fermentation, you need to distil the alcohol by pumping it into still and heating it. This helps remove any impurities in the Vodka and makes its taste smooth.
  • Dilution :
    At this stage, you add water to the Vodka to dilute it and bring its alcohol content to its final proof.
  • Filtration :
    After this fourth stage, the Vodka is bottled and becomes ready for supply. Filtration is done to remove any impurities present even after the distillation process.

An Introduction to some Famous Vodka Brands

These are some of the more popular Vodkas:

  1. Svedka :
    This popular Swedish Vodka has a unique taste as it is distilled five times and is a favourite for most people. It is made from Swedish winter wheat and comes in many interesting fruit flavours.
  2. Smirnoff :
    It is an 80 proof Vodka that is very popular in the United States. The unflavoured variety is the most preferred, though it also has many flavoured varieties that are highly enjoyable for people who like a good flavour kick in their drinks.
  3. Ciroc :
    This brand, made in France, is a new Vodka that arrived in 2003 that is excellent both for mixed drinks as well as shots. Its taste is quite different from other brands as it contains the essence of strawberries and raspberries, giving it a distinct fruity flavour. This Vodka is 80 proof and is also available in peach, pineapple and other fruity flavours.
  4. Absolut :
    It is made from wheat grown in Southern Sweden, unlike other Vodkas that are made from northern wheat or winter wheat. It is an 80 proof Vodka popularly loved all over the globe, selling millions of bottles annually.
  5. Grey Goose :
    The USP of this wheat is the fine ingredients used, namely winter wheat and spring water. It is a premium-quality Vodka that is popularly used in high-end clubs.

Which Vodka Brand Should I buy?

Like with all liquors, it is a matter of personal preference and the occasion you are celebrating. One factor to consider while buying Vodka is to check its distillation process. A Vodka that has been distilled many times will always taste crisper and smoother than other brands. Also, check the ingredients list to know if any additives or flavourings have been added since they can greatly impact its taste.

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